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There are so many games which are played by local peoples in India. People play a betting game to earn a huge amount of money. But for this reason, they lose a lot of money and wins a lot. Our website is not associated with any speculative company nor does it work with them. We will not be responsible for any kind of fraud with such companies. These may be legal somewhere or illegal, but we do not force anyone to play. Our website will not be responsible for any illegal games. Nowadays, too much online fraud is going on, if you are cheated in the same way on our site, we are not responsible for this activity. Our website also works with cookies like other websites. We only provide the result of speculative deeds connected here and we are not connected to anyone. Our goal is to provide accurate information. We keep providing accurate information at the right time, This is why this website has been created. If you are investing your money in this game it will be your own responsibility. This website is only for general knowledge. We are not connected with any official company. Protection Status